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White Collar Criminal Lawyer New Jersey

White Collar Criminal Lawyer New JerseyWhite collar crimes in New Jersey encompass a large variety of criminal offenses, including theft, bribery, corruption, fraud, and even misconduct in public office.

The media has long fostered a fascination with white collar crimes. People are attracted to stories of corruption and political misconduct.

There is a reason why some of Hollywood’s highest grossing movies have featured real life tales of corporate greed and organized crime.

In reality, the majority of white collar crimes do not involve millionaires or Wall Street executives. Most of the time, financial misconduct offenses happen to ordinary people who get caught up in mistakes or misunderstandings.

From a high school baseball coach accused of mishandling funds to an accounts receivable clerk in a small business charged with stealing from an employer, these offense are life-changing.

Tragically, even the accusation of financial misconduct can completely ruin an individual’s employment prospects and personal reputation forever.

If you have been charged with a white collar crime or misconduct while holding public office, you must act quickly in your defense.

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