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Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes Defense LawyersSerious criminal charges mean potentially devastating consequences. If you’re up against a violent criminal charge, such as robbery or murder, you need a skilled criminal defense team working on your case today. The violent crimes defense lawyers at Schibell & Mennie routinely take on the toughest cases in our criminal justice system.

Our Approach to Your Case

When we take a case, we begin by hearing what our client has to say. For so many people accused of a violent crime, this is the most important part of what we do.

Too often, criminal defendants are arrested and shuffled through the system without ever really having an opportunity to be heard.

Our lawyers know that you are the most valuable resource in your case. More than anyone, you understand the circumstances surrounding your arrest or criminal charge. This is why we start with you, and we pay very careful attention to everything you have to say.

From there, we move on to gathering every shred of evidence available in your defense. This usually includes police reports, eyewitness statements, documents, lab evidence, and forensic reports. If it’s out there, we find it – and we use it to help you.

Our next step is to expose flaws and holes in the prosecution’s evidence. In some cases, even something as straightforward as an improper police traffic stop can completely destroy a criminal prosecution. You have powerful rights under our federal and state laws. We make sure to take advantage of every single one.

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Violent crimes are prosecuted aggressively in New Jersey. The courts take these cases seriously. Your lawyer should, too.

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