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Al HuberAl Huber

The law firm is excellent in resolving issues, and getting what you deserve. I have used them in more than one instance, and was extremely satisfied. They take the time to listen, and are very understanding. The girls that work in the office are excellent. They will answer all your questions, and will go out of their way to make sure that all your needs are met in regards to your case. I would recommend them to anyone needing a lawyer. They are very efficient, resourceful, and extremely knowledgeable.

johnt hartjckhrtjohnt hartjckhrt

My lawyer Greg Heizler was great. He made things as easy and as convenient as possible. He also was able to get a settlement without going to court. I thank and would use Greg again .

Krajcsik PeterKrajcsik Peter

Absolutely the best service for any legal matter. Professional, efficient friendly service. Handled all details. Always available. I can recommend them without reservation!


Very professional and experienced staff. To the point people. Highly recommended

Daniel DinhDaniel Dinh

The team is really professional and knowledgeable. They fight to get justice for my family. Big thanks



Dear John, We want to express our sincere appreciation for your superb effort in the representation of our litigation recently. Your handling of the matter was superb on every level. What is especially worth noting is that along with being a skilled attorney, you also have integrity.  The legal profession is fortunate that you are one of them. We also must thank you for your honest opinions regarding the outcome of our case. Our decision to accept the settlement was based largely on our faith in your judgement. Your analysis was thorough and concise. Finally, we would like to state that it was our pleasure to have you provide legal services on our behalf. We will heartily recommend your services to everyone. May you continue to have success and good health for yourself and your family.

TMH August 8, 2016


How can I begin to thank you for taking my mother’s case when others would not. You and your staff are so professional, kind and caring. My mother was handled with patience when she appeared before the judge. The fact that justice was served in this matter was of great importance. On behalf of my mother she thanks you so much for her generous settlement.

GG August 8, 2016


It would be a pleasure to recommend people to your law firm. I appreciate what you did for me. Thanks

DA August 8, 2016


To John Mennie: I would like to express my appreciation for the remarkable services rendered by you and your team. I thank you for the guidance and support that you provided me, your work and words of encouragement played a significant role in helping me keep a positive attitude throughout my ordeal.Although I went through many nights of pain and suffering, during our consultations you made me feel like I was more than a client. You were there for me each time I called and I want to thank you for handling all my pertinent matters in a professional and timely fashion. The contributions you've made have indeed been very invaluable and worthy to be followed by others.

SH August 8, 2016


Dear Mr. Mennie, Thank you for the great job in handling this matter. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

IK August 8, 2016


The case went as explained, no surprises, we were well informed.

TR August 8, 2016


Mr. Richard D. Schibell was a tremendous help. He was courteous, prompt and very helpful. I will recommend him to those who may need his service.

PH August 8, 2016


Excellent professional services were rendered.

ER August 8, 2016


John, thanks for everything.

RQ August 8, 2016


I was very pleased with the representation and professional manner in which my case was handled.

WM August 8, 2016


Mr. Mennie was, as usual, a pleasure to work with. Very professional and personable as is Mr. Schibell. On behalf of our entire family we thank you very very much for your time and generosity in representing us. We, as always, will recommend you.

PB August 8, 2016


I was thoroughly satisfied with my legal experience with this firm.

AA August 8, 2016


It was a pleasure doing business with you. My claim was handled in a very professional manner. Your staff is very courteous and helpful. Thank you.

EW August 8, 2016


My experience with this company was incrediable. I cannot thank them enough.

TS August 8, 2016


Thank you Mr. Mennie for taking the time and effort with my case. It turned out to be a relatively small matter, however, you continued to persist on my behalf. I like that. It says a lot about your character. Thanks again for all you did

J August 8, 2016


Excellent is all I can say. Mr. Schibell was very professional and personal. Thank you. I will recommend other case to you if the opportunity arises. Look forward to working with you soon.

TW August 8, 2016


Thank you, Rich. Especially grateful for your professional manner in court.

LC August 8, 2016


Dear Richard, Just a note to tell you how very happy I am with your firm and most especially with John Mennie. Not only has he always been very supportive and a professional gentleman, but his closing statement was positively brilliant. Again, thank you and your staff for all your kind assistance

SS August 8, 2016


My husband and self would like to thank everyone on staff for their professionalism, courtesy and hard work. Thank you so much.

BN August 8, 2016


I don’t know if you can improve the quality of services you provided. Outstanding! Thank you!!

RJ August 8, 2016


Schibell and Mennie handled all of my legal matters to all of the standards that I expected from them.

RE August 8, 2016


I would like to thank everyone for all you have done. I am grateful for the time and patience you’ve put into this relatively small case. All I really wanted was validation for my claim. You did that! Thanks again.

LC August 8, 2016


I would like to thank Richard Schibell for all he has done. Without him I would not have received the award I got.

AP August 8, 2016


Everything was handled professionally according to my standards. Thank you.

TC August 8, 2016


Dear Mr. Mennie, Thank you for the time you took with me earlier this year when I spoke with you on the telephone regarding a careless driving summons I received in my hometown of Beachwood. Things turned out very nice. The charges against me were dropped because the person who had requested the summons be written had not shown up for court. Thank you for your time and the concern you showed for me. I apologize for not thanking you sooner.

ETB August 8, 2016


Mr. John Mennie replaced our attorney the last minute for my house closing and stepped into a very precarious situation. The buyers and their attorney had been very difficult to deal with all along. Mr. Mennie was very professional, confident and reassuring in a most difficult situation. He never once faltered, and because of this I was able to close the deal. I feel this situation should be brought to your attention.

V August 8, 2016


John, Just a little note to say thank you for what you have done. And it is nice to have a friend and a great lawyer like you. Again thank you.

AC August 8, 2016


I was very pleased with the firm and appreciate everyone involved in the process and the hard work. My telephone calls were handled in a couterous manner, the attorneys and staff took the time to answer all of my questions, was adequately informed and prepared for all proceedings.

I would use this firm again and also recommend them to family and friends.

BF August 8, 2016


Hi Mr. Schibell… I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for representing me on my workers comp case and also thank your staff on helping me out… I appreciate what your firm has done for me… I will be in touch with you in the near future regarding re-opening my workers comp claim. Once again thank you.

NM August 8, 2016


Mr. Schibell, Thank you for the good work done by your attorneys, from the start to the end. I pray that your attorneys will be in good health to continue doing the job that they were born to do at this time.

DT August 8, 2016


Mr. Schibell, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for taking my case as well as the great job you did. I knew all along that I was in good hands and your law firm did an outstanding job in helping me recover from my accident, it was surely the right move to go with your firm.

JD August 8, 2016


I would like to thank you for the successful result to my case. I have highly recommended you. I have been very pleased with your legal services.

BZ August 8, 2016


Mr. Schibell is a kind and considerate lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone that would need legal help.

DW August 8, 2016


Mr. Mennie is an outstanding lawyer and a good man. All staff of the law practice were helpful and a pleasure to work with.

KM August 8, 2016


A job well done. Completely satisfied. Your firm is first rate.

AI August 8, 2016


I was very pleased with all aspects of your legal firm. I would recommend it in the future to any family or friends that should need legal advice. Thank you.

PM August 8, 2016


I cannot list anything wrong. Your firm does a great job.

TH August 8, 2016


Overall, I am pleased with all you have done for me. Continue to do the good work. I will not hesitate to recommend your firm to my family and friends.

ME August 8, 2016


Mr. Mennie, your understanding of my needs and issues during my time of uncertainty was both compassionate and professional! My initial consultation with you gave me a great deal of insight to my rights as an employee, and my responsibility as a husband and father. I am truly grateful.

TB August 8, 2016


Extremely satisfied with your firm. John always had our best interest at heart.

ET August 8, 2016


Dear John, We would like to personally thank you for all the time and work you put into our case. As usual you extended yourself above and beyond for our satisfaction. It was also very comforting having you on our side. Best wishes to you and your family and thanks again.

MAC August 8, 2016


First a tremendous thank you for all your courtesy and knowledge from your staff; in particular John Mennie. His personal service and many late hours spent at the office. Please pass this picture onto to John – Picture of what winners look like.

ASL August 8, 2016


Dear Mr. Mennie, This is just a short note to convey my appreciation for the hard work you put into my case. My parents and I rarely agree on anything, but we did agree on one thing throughout the trial we were fortunate to have you as our attorney. I simply could not have asked for anything more than you gave me. Once again, than you for representing me in this case. I’m sure we’ll be in touch soon.

TON August 8, 2016


John is an excellent, experienced and compassionate attorney who fought hard for us for 3 years against the insurance companies and their stable of sharks and got us a great result and he never stopped fighting until we got the justice we deserved.

TONY May 7, 2018


I would like to say thank you to Schibell and Mennie, LLC for all the hard work and effort they exerted on my behalf.

YG April 5, 2019


I would highly recommend Schibell and Mennie, LLC to all my family and friends.

DM April 5, 2019


I always got called back and my questions and concerns addressed. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case.

VJ May 3, 2019


I was very satisfied with the staff and attorneys in the workers compensation department. Although there were many issues with the insurance company, my attorneys at Schibell and Mennie were able to obtain a very good result for me

VJ May 3, 2019


Schibell and Mennie excellent attorneys for both workers compensation and car accidents

JD May 3, 2019


Richard Schibell and John Mennie are excellent attorneys

JD May 3, 2019


Thank you John; to you and your entire staff for being in my corner every step of the way and taking such great care of me. This was a terrible accident and injury, but out of it I got to know you and your staff and that has been a huge silver lining for me!!

May 30, 2019


After being injured on the job and having my entire world as I knew it turned upside down, a loved and trusted neighbor recommended SCHIBELL & MENNIE for Workmen’s Comp advise. The SCHIBELL & MENNIE legal team provided professional representation which was also honest, timely and caring at a time when I had absolutely no idea what to do.  I had no idea what to expect, nor the amount of time the process would take. I only knew that I had been injured on the job, was in need of serious medical attention, was not getting any attention from  my employer and needed HELP!

Over several years with, several doctors, several court cases, two knee operations, loss of employment,  physical/aqua therapy and total disruption of my quality of life; the SCHIBELL & MENNIE team stuck by me and made sure that I received the medical attention and the financial compensation that I needed and deserved. They even answered all of my questions and believe me I had a lot.  In short, I felt totally supported by the SCHIBELL & MENNIE team through-out the entire process.

Also I’m confident that the SCHIBELL & MENNIE team will be there for me if and when I need a follow-up on this case, need additional physical/aqua therapy or if I need representation in the future. It feels good to know and be able to say, that I have an ATTORNEY; SCHIBELL & MENNIE.


May 21, 2020


Mr. Mennie provided excellent legal guidance for a complex problem I was experiencing.

He quickly embraced the challenge and brought in high quality resources to investigate my opponent and develop strategies for success.

He remained easily available for appointments and provided clear and ongoing communications to ease my mind.

Mr. Mennie is confident, capable, knowledgeable and a fierce opponent to any adversary.

Thank you Mr. Mennie and his friendly staff for excelling at legal representation and creating the results that I deserved.

November 5, 2020


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