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Preparing for a Disability Hearing in New Jersey

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Preparing for a Disability Hearing in New JerseyIn order to increase your chances of success at any disability hearing, you need to speak with your attorney well in advance. Hiring a New Jersey disability benefits attorney sooner rather than later when you plan to initiate a disability benefits application is essential for success.

What to Do Before the Hearing

Before the disability hearing itself, you need to set up a meeting with your disability benefits attorney to talk about any new medical treatments you have received since the original decision. This allows your lawer to provide these additional details for the record prior to the actual day in court.

What to Expect Working with Our New Jersey Disability Firm

Our law firm will usually meet with clients prior to the hearing in order to evaluate all medical evidence to ensure that your disability file is complete and prepared for court.

You will know exactly what to expect prior to the date of the hearing and will be aware of the questions that a judge will typically ask in order to determine disability.

Having an attorney you can count on and someone who can help answer your questions during this process can go a long way.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our offices today to schedule a consultation. Whether you are thinking about submitting your Social Security disability benefits application for the first time or whether you are at some stage in the denial process, having experienced representation can make this process much easier.

Evidence of Total Disability in New Jersey

There are many different pieces of evidence that can be presented in order to show that you have suffered a total disability that means you are unable to work for at least a year or may ultimately cause your death.

In order for a disability to qualify, you must speak with your doctor about your condition and initiate an application for Social Security disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income benefits.

What Evidence Is Assessed with My Application?

The majority of the evidence associated with a Social Security disability claim comes in the forms of medical examinations, records and reports.

Your treating and examining physicians all have a right to submit written reports that describe the extent to which your disability impacts your life as well as all of the tests conducted to determine that you are unable to return to work due to mental or physical conditions.

Functional Capacity Examination

One of the most important tests associated with this evaluation is the functional capacity examination, also referred to as the FCE. This can be completed by either a treating or an examining doctor.

In some situations, the judge or social security claims office may request that a client be evaluated for functional capacity.

In general, this test determines the physical limitations and abilities of a client who is assuming a claim for disability benefits.

Understanding how these pieces of evidence are evaluated and being prepared in an organized fashion can go a long way with your Social Security disability application.

Speaking with a New Jersey disability attorney prior to filing your application and at various stages throughout the process can be extremely helpful.

At best, this process is confusing and complicated and it requires the insight of an experienced lawyer who can help prepare you for what to expect next.

Being organized and understanding how the Social Security Administration evaluates these claims as well as the various pieces of evidence that can be explored in this capacity can be extremely beneficial for giving you the necessary details to move forward with your claim.

Speak with a New Jersey Social Security Disability Hearing Lawyer Today

If you have questions about the types of evidence involved in evaluating a disability claim, or you believe you have new evidence that should be included in your case, consult with a New Jersey disability lawyer today.


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