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If you are a construction worker in New Jersey, you’re more exposed to injury than workers in other fields. Construction workers in New Jersey are, therefore, entitled to be compensated if they’re injured in the course of working. However, you must understand when you’re entitled to such compensation and when you’re not. Perhaps, you just got injured at work, and you’re expecting to be compensated only for you to be denied on what you think is your right. Now, you want to know what your workers’ compensation covers as a construction worker in New Jersey. Knowing this will help you to know when you are entitled to be compensated, and in the absence of such compensation, you can proceed to hire a workers compensation attorney. Maybe your employer already explained the reason for the denial, but you still need further confirmation. Hence, if you’re a construction worker in New Jersey, in the course of any of the following, you’re entitled to a workers’ compensation.

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As an employee in the state of New Jersey, workers’ compensation insurance is available to you to provide compensation following an on-the-job injury or an occupational disease or illness that is related to workplace activities. However, whether claiming compensation for an accident or an illness, the burden of proof falls on workers to prove. This means that you must prove your injuries/illness are work-related and occurred during the course of employment. When it comes to contracting the coronavirus, though, a new piece of legislation may change that.

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Did you get injured at work, and you were denied your workers’ compensation? Maybe you proceeded to treat yourself, but you can’t afford the medical bills anymore, and you need someone to help? If that’s the case, there are some simple steps you need to take to get your workers’ compensation. Some employers care less about your wellbeing. Even when you’re still battling with your health as a result of the injury you sustained at the workplace, they might force you to return to work or risk losing your job. Now, you’re in the middle of choosing between your health or your job security. That’s not fair enough, and that’s why you should hire a Workers compensation attorney to help you out. Below are what you need to do if your employer denies you your workers’ compensation:

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