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A High Number of Musculoskeletal Injuries are Reported in Amazon Warehouses

According to a report from CNBC, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is “obsessed” with the high number of musculoskeletal injuries occurring among the company’s warehouse workers. On April 15th, 2021, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos published the company’s 2020 Letter to Shareholders, which noted that “about 40% of work-related injuries at Amazon” are musculoskeletal disorders. Here, our New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys discuss why these types of injuries are so common and explain what you should do if you suffer a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) at work.

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Posted on : April 30, 2021  Category Blog

2019 New Jersey Revised Statutes Title 38A – Military and Veterans Law Section 38A:13-1 – Medical care and compensation

Universal Citation: NJ Rev Stat § 38A:13-1 (2019)

38A:13-1. Medical care and compensation

A member of the organized militia who incurs an injury, disease or disability in the line of duty, and whose claim is approved by the Adjutant General, or his duly appointed representative shall be entitled to the same benefits as are provided in article 2 of chapter 15 of Title 34. If the member incurs death under the same conditions, the dependent members of the family of the deceased, if any, shall be entitled to compensation as provided in article 2 of chapter 15 of Title 34. To the extent that a member or dependent may be entitled to receive federal benefits for particular elements of a claim, the benefits provided pursuant to this section shall be reduced by the amount of the federal benefits paid for each element of a claim.

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Posted on : January 8, 2021  Category Workers Compensation

Washington State Responds to High Amazon Worker Injury Rate

Amazon workers are essential, delivering the goods and products that consumers need and want, especially during a global pandemic when in-person shopping may be dangerous. But working for Amazon, whether as a warehouse worker or a driver, is not necessarily safe. In fact, Amazon fulfillment centers have been deemed more dangerous than other warehouse types. Because of the high risk to workers, the state of Washington has decided to boost the workers’ compensation premium rate for Amazon fulfillment center employees. Here is what you should know:

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Posted on : December 22, 2020  Category Blog

New Law Addresses Coronavirus and Workers’ Compensation in New Jersey

As an employee in the state of New Jersey, workers’ compensation insurance is available to you to provide compensation following an on-the-job injury or an occupational disease or illness that is related to workplace activities. However, whether claiming compensation for an accident or an illness, the burden of proof falls on workers to prove. This means that you must prove your injuries/illness are work-related and occurred during the course of employment. When it comes to contracting the coronavirus, though, a new piece of legislation may change that.

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Posted on : August 5, 2020  Category Blog

What To Do If Your Employer Denies You Your Workers’ Compensation

Young pretty afraid woman on her job interview

Did you get injured at work, and you were denied your workers’ compensation? Maybe you proceeded to treat yourself, but you can’t afford the medical bills anymore, and you need someone to help? If that’s the case, there are some simple steps you need to take to get your workers’ compensation. Some employers care less about your wellbeing. Even when you’re still battling with your health as a result of the injury you sustained at the workplace, they might force you to return to work or risk losing your job. Now, you’re in the middle of choosing between your health or your job security. That’s not fair enough, and that’s why you should hire a Workers compensation attorney to help you out. Below are what you need to do if your employer denies you your workers’ compensation:

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Posted on : July 30, 2020  Category Workers Compensation

Everything You Need to Know About Settling a Workers Compensation Case in New Jersey

It is important that you’re weighing all your options before you can think about settling your workers’ compensation case in New Jersey. There are situations where a settlement will not be in your best interest even if you prefer a lump sum payment. You should get in touch with a worker comp lawyer so that you’re aware of the best options before making a decision.

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Posted on : July 3, 2020  Category Workers Compensation

Amazon Workers Injured After Robot Discharges Bear Spray

amazon workers comp

The day we have all been dreading has arrived: The robot uprising has begun. At least, that is what those who were injured when an Amazon robot punctured a can of bear spray, sending Amazon warehouse workers to the hospital, may be saying. The incident raises questions about the efficacy of robots in the workplace and the benefits of robots performing human jobs, as well as liability for robots’ actions when something goes wrong.

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Posted on : December 11, 2018  Category Blog

Crush Injuries on the Job in New Jersey

crush injuries on the job new jersey workers comp attorney

Improper usage of automated and heavy machinery equipment can cause permanent injuries to workers. When they are not given routine maintenance or if operational safety measures are not implemented, they can create health hazards to individuals operating them. The aftermath of a crush injury can impact your life in many unpleasant ways as well as create unexpected and unnecessary challenges for you and your family.

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Posted on : June 25, 2018  Category Blog
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