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What To Do If Your Employer Denies You Your Workers’ Compensation

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Did you get injured at work, and you were denied your workers’ compensation? Maybe you proceeded to treat yourself, but you can’t afford the medical bills anymore, and you need someone to help? If that’s the case, there are some simple steps you need to take to get your workers’ compensation. Some employers care less about your wellbeing. Even when you’re still battling with your health as a result of the injury you sustained at the workplace, they might force you to return to work or risk losing your job. Now, you’re in the middle of choosing between your health or your job security. That’s not fair enough, and that’s why you should hire a Workers compensation attorney to help you out. Below are what you need to do if your employer denies you your workers’ compensation:

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Posted on : July 30, 2020  Category Workers Compensation

Everything You Need to Know About Settling a Workers Compensation Case in New Jersey

It is important that you’re weighing all your options before you can think about settling your workers’ compensation case in New Jersey. There are situations where a settlement will not be in your best interest even if you prefer a lump sum payment. You should get in touch with a worker comp lawyer so that you’re aware of the best options before making a decision.

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Posted on : July 3, 2020  Category Workers Compensation

Amazon Workers Injured After Robot Discharges Bear Spray

amazon workers comp

The day we have all been dreading has arrived: The robot uprising has begun. At least, that is what those who were injured when an Amazon robot punctured a can of bear spray, sending Amazon warehouse workers to the hospital, may be saying. The incident raises questions about the efficacy of robots in the workplace and the benefits of robots performing human jobs, as well as liability for robots’ actions when something goes wrong.

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Posted on : December 11, 2018  Category Blog

Crush Injuries on the Job in New Jersey

crush injuries on the job new jersey workers comp attorney

Improper usage of automated and heavy machinery equipment can cause permanent injuries to workers. When they are not given routine maintenance or if operational safety measures are not implemented, they can create health hazards to individuals operating them. The aftermath of a crush injury can impact your life in many unpleasant ways as well as create unexpected and unnecessary challenges for you and your family.

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Posted on : June 25, 2018  Category Blog

Toxic Exposure in the Workplace

Toxic Exposure in the workplace New Jersey Works Comp Attorney

Oakhurst, Howell, and Toms River Workers’ Compensation Lawyers serving all of New Jersey

A toxic substance is any material that is poisonous to the body of a person. Toxic exposure happens when the human body comes in contact with a toxic substance or chemical, which can include lead, asbestos, benzene, silica, talcum powder or other types of environmental pollutants.

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Posted on : June 20, 2018  Category Blog

Choosing the right burn injury attorney to help you get compensation for your losses

new jersey burn injury attorney

Burn injuries can range from minor to severe, and they can happen anywhere. Burn injuries can be painful and take a long time, even years to heal. Often they can leave disfiguring scars for a lifetime. The consequences of a burn injury can be life-changing to a person. The injuries sometimes require skin grafts or surgical treatments to improve one’s appearance. A person suffering from a burn injury may experience depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other challenges. When you experience a burn injury due to the carelessness or negligence of someone else, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact a New Jersey Burn Injury Attorney with offices in Howell, Oakhurst, and Toms River who will help you obtain compensation for your losses.

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Posted on : June 15, 2018  Category Blog

Have you sustained a catastrophic injury in New Jersey?


Accidents can happen at home, at work or anywhere in between. The resulting injuries can be minor or severe. Severe or major injuries are often referred to as catastrophic because they have the potential to cause problems that can affect a victim’s employment, health, and lifestyle. They can cause short-term or long-term disabilities that make a person dependent on wheelchairs, crutches, or walkers to get around. Catastrophic injuries can be a result of a slip and fall accident, automobile crash, medical malpractice, or another unfortunate incident that results from another’s negligence or recklessness. When you sustain a catastrophic injury in New Jersey, you need to contact a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer with offices in Howell, Oakhurst, and Toms River.

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Posted on : June 12, 2018  Category Blog

Understanding NJ Personal Injury Cases


Accidents happen each day. Someone is injured nearly every minute of the day due to the fault of someone else. Accidents may involve several different causes, but the injured party has rights and protections under NJ personal injury law in most all circumstances.

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Posted on : June 7, 2018  Category Blog
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