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The law in New Jersey encourages both parents to have as much contact with their minor children as possible. In some cases, however, a parent must move far away for work, family, or other obligations.

If the distance between the parents is considerable, one parent must usually sacrifice time spent with the children. These are often tough, emotional cases, as both parents may wish to have the child live with them the majority of the time.

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Under New Jersey law, a parent is only permitted to relocate with a minor child if the other parent consents to the move. If the other parent refuses to give his or her permission for the child to make the move, the court must decide whether the child stays or goes.

Parental relocation cases are frequently complicated by numerous factors. Obviously, both parents love their child. Many times, the court must make tough decisions about the child’s well-being.

For example, the court will look at whether the child has ties and connections to New Jersey, or whether the child’s interests are best served by allowing the child to move out of state or across the state with a parent who needs to relocate.

Depending on the child’s age, the court may also consider how the child feels about staying or relocating.

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Ultimately, parents want to protect their children. At Schibell & Mennie, LLC our family law attorneys help parents navigate the complexities of parental relocation cases.

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