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pedestrian accident attorney new jersey

When a pedestrian crosses a street, there are laws in place to ensure that person’s safety. However, many drivers ignore those laws, may not respect pedestrians, or do not pay close attention to individuals at crosswalks. These reckless actions can cause many pedestrian accidents on the roadways and innocent pedestrians can suffer severe personal injuries or even death as a result.

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spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries are almost always serious, and they are among the worst types of injuries one can experience in a workplace setting. They can often happen during jobs that involve strenuous physical movement.

Spinal cord injuries can affect nerves that impact movement and mobility, which can keep you from performing your job. Since you cannot work, you will endure the added stress of not being able to earn money.

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Workers’ Compensation provides income replacement and medical treatment when an employee is injured or experiences a work-related illness on the job. Workers’ Compensation in most cases prevent the employee or employer from suing for negligence.

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